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Whether you are DIY or a small to large sized business, we can get you the results you want and the prices you need. Come in today and let one of our specialists guide you to producing incredible projects. Our expertise plus your creative insights produce excellent results. No matter what project you have in mind we can certainly help you!

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  • Lamphouse Logo

    City Blue Print, Inc. has a saved us several times when other shops couldn’t turn work around quick enough for us, and they’ll be the first place we go from now on for vinyl graphics and other signage needs. And their prices are super reasonable as well! Can’t recommend them enough!

    Lamphouse Photo
  • Protection1 Logo

    City Blue Print has always offered the best quality to price ratio of any company we have worked with. Plus the staff is always friendly, personable and willing to go the extra mile to meet our company’s needs.

    Brenton Burke
  • marrs

    Over the years I have used printing companies from all over the country. More often than not it has been an exercise in frustration. From all that experience I have learned there is a lot more to printing than just “printing”. That’s why I’m glad I found City Blue Print. I’ve been using them at least once a month for several years.  They print my newsletters, brochures, fliers, notepads, envelopes, booklets and just about anything else I can think of. I know from experience that I can trust what they tell me and count on them to do what they say they’re going to do.  They’re friendly. They’re knowledgeable and they are dependable.  I highly recommend them.

    Jason Marrs
  • aeg

    The staff at City Blue Print is great, especially Ryan.  We knew what we wanted and he delivered and he was always open to questions. We shopped around  City Blue Print was not the least expensive nor was it the  most expensive. We chose them  because we had heard good things about them and after talking with them we felt very comfortable with that decision.  The  right price, great customer service and quality workmanship make  it a no brainer to have City Blue Print do your graphics.


  • headshot

    I went in to city blueprint to get some copies of my artwork made. At first I didn’t know how well the prints would come out. They printed an example of each of my drawings and paintings to see what I thought about the copy before they made the rest of the copies. The copies came out great. And all of the people there were super nice. It was raining outside and they even put my artwork and the prints in plastic and one of the guys helped me carry the stuff out to my car and I didn’t even ask. I also bought some fixative while I was there. Customer service couldn’t have been any better and I’ll definitely be going back in the future. 🙂

  • af

    I love the quality of work they provide. ALWAYS on time and at a great price. They have won my business over and over again. I like how they really talk to you and make sure the job is done as the customer specifically requested. The entire team is polite, know what they are doing and very responsible.

    Bruno Garcia
  • barf

    Just got back from KS and I wanted to thank everyone at CityBlue for all their hard work and doing such a FABULOUS job on our pull-up banner and last-minute business cards. I LOVE the white gold paper that Staci recommended for these cards. They came out beautifully. As always, CityBlue does an amazing job handling all our printing needs. Thanks so much to Deb and her wonderful printing team.

    Amber Tsao Keiper
  • jeremy

    City Blue has been there for me for 10 years across various businesses of mine and has handled everything from order forms to business cards to physical products to course materials and binders to lumpy mailers to postcards to invites and more. Their team is out of this world responsive and typically when I follow up later in the day to see how our project is coming along, their response is the tracking number -they’re that fast! From a small box of business cards needed across country the next day up to multiple shipping shipping pallets of course material and forms for a live event with hundreds of people, City Blue has been there for me every step of the way, no project too small and no project too big. They’ve saved my hide on more than one occasion and have taken exceptional care of not just me but of every customer I’ve sent their way. THANK YOU, City Blue!

    Jeremy Shapiro
  • kyle

    I’ve been using City Blue Print now for about 8-10 years consistently for all of my printing… despite my being in California and them in Kansas! While using a printer way outside my state seems odd, the reason I do it is simple: City Blue has never failed to meet a deadline for me so I know if I need something done by a certain date, it’s actually going to get done… and done correctly. Plus, their pricing has always been fair and routinely beats local printers in my state. While I’ve never met any of them in person, everyone I’ve interacted with on their staff — through phone and email — has been pleasant, professional, and truly helpful.

    Actually – you know what? What I’m really buying when I use City Blue Print is peace of mind and I’ve yet to find another printer (nationwide) who can meet their standard.

    Kyle Tiernan
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